Never Been So Excited About Shampoo!

Silver Falls Sustainability Co

I have been on the search for products and companies who are concerned about their impact on the world, from the ingredients in their products to the production process and even down to the packaging. If I am going to support efforts to clean up our world from how we have polluted it, it goes to reason that I should want to stop that pollution from the top and choose not to support the companies who are trashing the planet. These large corporations have products for cheaper prices and on every shelf and display, but to get them there has cost our world a great price. The Greenhouse gas emissions from the mass production and transportation of merchandise has destroyed our atmosphere, melting the polar ice caps and increasing natural disasters across the globe, and we are drowning in plastic packaging! tells us only 9% of the plastic made is being recycled. Only 9%!! That’s atrocious! Some plastics, such as types 5,6 and 7, are difficult and inefficient to recycle. (These also happen to be what most single-use and disposable plastics are made from.) And since losing the use of recycling facilities in China, the US is now dumping previously recycled plastics into landfills! This is not the answer! 

The horrors humans leave behind!

I have heard the plastic pollution solution compared to the cleaning up of a flood: When the toilet overflows, you don’t stop the mess and fix it with a mop! That is essentially what recycling is in our plastic problem. It is only cleaning up the aftermath, not stopping the flow of the crap. We must get these companies to stop using so much disposable plastic by NOT BUYING IT! 

That’s right. You read that correctly. It was in all caps, so of course you got it. We have to stop bringing these plastics into our homes! I have seen some shoppers dispose of all the plastic packaging of the items they have purchased at the store. Make the company dispose of its own plastic. Stop buying brands that excessively use plastic packaging. Buy in bulk and bring your own containers. Yes, at first you get weird looks. But if more people shopped this way, it would be the norm. We can make that happen! 

We can also choose to find and support smaller, newer companies who have seen the way things have been done in the past and the trouble it has gotten us and want to do things differently. One such company I have found is Silver Falls Sustainability Co. I believe I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw their ad. What caught my eye was the fact that there was NO plastic whatsoever! All their products come in compostable cardboard containers or wrapped in paper. They even offer a no-packaging option when you order to avoid the paper and cardboard wrappings. They do not have a wide selection of products for the simple reason that minimalism tends to be less wasteful. 

Products featured include:

  • 3 kinds of All Natural Shampoo Bars
  • Naturally scented Conditioner Bar
  • 4 kinds of All Natural Deodorant
  • Lotion Bar
  • Sunscreen SPF 25
  • Tooth Powder
  • 2 kinds of Lip Balm

They offer a Zero Waste Starter Kit that includes 2 shampoo bars and a full size conditioner bar, both kinds of lip balm, a natural deodorant, tooth powder, and 2 free cedar planks for the shampoo/conditioner bars all for around $65. 

Shop the Starter Kit Here!

I have been using these products for a few weeks now and I really like them! The deodorant was an easy switch; I just had to adjust to rubbing it in with my hands. It is not an antiperspirant, so it doesn’t keep you from sweating, but I never smell. The lip balms worked well and are comparable to the stuff I make myself! The Tooth Powder is a bit of an adjustment… I would like it better if it tasted a bit mintier. It feels a bit strange to brush your teeth with powder, but the stuff works. My mouth felt clean, even if it didn’t feel minty fresh. 

I love the shampoo and conditioner bars! I read some reviews that were mixed and all were saying their hair had to “adjust” to it. I understand now what this means.  My hair tends to be dry at the ends (from old color damage), wavy, and a bit frizzy (thanks to Kentucky’s wonderful humidity), but I never realized how much liquid shampoos dried out my scalp! The first use of the bars, my hair felt a bit dirty, like I had put too much product in it before it dried. I don’t usually wash my hair every day, but I did a couple of days here when I was switching over to the bars. In a few washings, my hair was less frizzy and my waves were actually drying as curls! I recently used liquid shampoo again out of necessity one time. My scalp was so dry and itchy and I didn’t wash my hair for 4 or 5 days! I have never noticed this much of a difference in shampoo use… and I was a hairstylist for 8 years! The conditioner softens and smooths the hair without making it greasy. I have found that I need to use a bit more of it than was recommended, but again, I have dry, frizzy hair that needs extra moisture. They also last forever! I use so much less product with the bars than I did with bottled shampoo and conditioner. Definitely a win! 

Silver Falls Sustainability Co. is a husband-wife team based in the state of Oregon. When they were living in Panama, they were horrified by all the plastic garbage washing up on the beaches. They began to look for plastic-less options. Upon moving back to the States, they continued to work towards a plastic-free environment, but found the lack of options frustrating. When China stopped accepting recycling from the US in January 2018, Oregon obtained permits to dump previously recycled plastics into the landfills, and this was the last straw! (Pun intended…) They decided to start offering their own plastic-free options! They started with the bathroom. All those plastic bottles lined up on the shelf were bothersome. They have also let their customers guide them… the tooth powder and lotion bars were their idea. One of the couple is a cancer survivor, so they are sure to use only natural ingredients that will be safe for people and the planet, and they test their own product personally… nothing makes the cut that isn’t absolutely loved! They may expand their line in the future, since they are constantly looking for areas that don’t have plastic-free, zero-waste options and aiming to fill that gap. 

Finally, I have nothing but positive things to say of their customer service. They are very responsive, despite only being a husband-wife team who also happen to be expecting a new addition to the family at the time of this review! They love to educate people on their products and ways to reduce our waste and plastic use. I look forward to their next products and am grateful for now having zero-waste and plastic-free options! 


1 thought on “Never Been So Excited About Shampoo!”

  1. This is so cool! I’d try it out but ordering it overseas from the States kinda defeats the purpose of looking after the planet. I wish I had more options like this nearby.


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