Write More

S​o apparently I need to write more.

A​nd I’m told the best way to start something is just to start it. So here we are…

I​ am trying to break into the “world of writers” and in this digital day and age, I also need more of an “online presence.” Something I have tried so hard all this time to avoid. I have accepted technology into my life with all the grace of that screaming goat. I have tried to avoid putting much of myself or my family on the internet, partly because of safety. You could say I’m paranoid, but I’ve heard too many horror stories of kids disappearing. The circumstances around my oldest child’s birth made me want to hide her and myself from the world. I have trust issues, what can I say. 

I also came from an old-fashioned home. My mother is even worse about learning and accepting technology into our daily lives than I am! Then there’s my dad, who was working on, building, and selling computers from their infancy. He loves all things gadget, and we used that to our advantage every Christmas and birthday. You would think I would have come out somewhere in the middle, and on most things I did, but in this particular case, I am definitely more like my mother. I wasn’t on social media at all until 2015, and the only reason I felt compelled to join at that point was because of the impending arrival of teeangerhood that I knew would come with the “need” for social media. I’d be damned if I was going to throw my child head first into a world that I knew nothing more of than horror stories! I guess I needed to know the Beast. So again I adapted and accepted the invasion of technology into my life like I had before, kicking and screaming, or rather in this case complaining.

Y​ou’ll have to forgive me if it seems like I see technology as the enemy. For so much of my life, it has been so. More of the time than I’d like to admit, I still feel that is so. I watch my family enraptured by small screens, but bored with a ride in the car. I used to love to watch out the window of car rides as a kid! I never required entertainment for in-town driving. Now if we took a road trip, I would bring books and toys and games to keep me busy for the log hours. But half the time I still spent looking out the window. Especially if we were going somewhere new! Now, kids are in the car for 5 minutes and we hear “I’m bored!” unless their face is glued to a screen! My children have stated to hate telling me they’re bored. They know they will hear something along the lines of: “Well if you’re bored, this sounds like a good opportunity to exercise your imagination! You know, that muscle that you’ll lose if you don’t use!” I get the eye roll (yes I see that in the rear view mirror!)and the sighing breaths like someone deflated my kid, but I don’t care! It feels like technology has taken over our lives and I’m just waiting for D-day when the terminators bring on the Apocalypse! 

I suppose I’m a bit dramatic. I was a theater major once upon a time. My heart longs for simplicity. Maybe I have an old soul, or I was born in the wrong century. I would rather spend my days finding my food, maintaining my shelter, exploring this amazing planet we have failed to take care of, and sharing laughter with a few people to consider family. There is so much worry and struggle in the complicated, modern world we know. Deserted island, anyone? I have recently taken up sailing and I guess no one will be surprised when my hunny and I sail off into the sunset, never to be seen again. (Ok maybe the last part is a bit much. We’ll see…) I get frustrated with the consumer-driven, self-entitled attitude that is so prevalent, in my country in particular, but also common among all the modern world. But I have to remember that I can’t condemn all people because the loud, obnoxious ones are a problem. You know, babies and bath water, or some such nonsense…